The gears of conflict

Red and rusted was my old bicycle a passed down gift when my sister got bigger wanted till I got it and not much longer Click, click it went every time I rode Clicking away un-bothered on the road. The first clicks were happily ignored glorified even as the music of my freedom Next day... Continue Reading →



I recently read that we are all actors in life I have lately started believing this conspiracy. Don’t we all play characters we think wins love, Acting funny, stupid and mean for an applause? We soliloquize, conscious that our thoughts are seen. Blood and violence sells more, surprise beats normal, And what’s sexier than high-handed... Continue Reading →

Kinds of your smiles

Where do your smiles go when they leave your lips? I think they fly around us, looking for a purpose. The loud carefree laughs look to infect and often succeed They die in my mouth, where all good laughs come to die. I see a grin patiently struggling there with crooked wings Trying to get... Continue Reading →

What we have is enough

I don’t feel happy looking at our photos. Not all the time. I do not feel tingly thinking of our old days. Not that much anyway. Sometimes I feel sad or even disappointment, but, I do not feel angry or depressed, I feel like home And I guess that’s enough.


My legs are thick. Yes. That is how I carry your words, without them bearing me down


Have you been ever so lost? So bereft of hope, That seeing the same stranger twice feels like home?


No wonder the Universe is acting cold and mysterious, we only understand her to exploit anyway.

Empty words

When I cried, you said that your words didn’t mean anything. You say, “I love you” Now what should I think?

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