What we have is enough

I don’t feel happy looking at our photos. Not all the time. I do not feel tingly thinking of our old days. Not that much anyway. Sometimes I feel sad or even disappointment, but, I do not feel angry or depressed, I feel like home And I guess that’s enough.


My legs are thick. Yes. That is how I carry your words, without them bearing me down


Have you been ever so lost? So bereft of hope, That seeing the same stranger twice feels like home?


No wonder the Universe is acting cold and mysterious, we only understand her to exploit anyway.

Empty words

When I cried, you said that your words didn’t mean anything. You say, “I love you” Now what should I think?


You are like a dripping faucet over my head, You do not hurt much with every drop. But, I know you are not going to stop And that hurts.

Don’t tell me their labels

Labels are bad. They fool us into thinking that we know what we don’t know about people. That tomboyish girl, She is not a ‘tomboy’. She loves to be wooed. That guy in the bar who drank too much, He is not a ‘drunk’. He cares about stray dogs. Do not let the one thing... Continue Reading →


Isn’t it gorgeous to find a person Whose flaws you see, yet admire? Wouldn’t it be fabulous, If one day, that person was me.

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