Kinds of your smiles

Where do your smiles go when they leave your lips?
I think they fly around us, looking for a purpose.

The loud carefree laughs look to infect and often succeed
They die in my mouth, where all good laughs come to die.

I see a grin patiently struggling there with crooked wings
Trying to get me to notice, for me to understand the joke.

I see the snort lurking behind your ear, embarrassed
of being free, he hides behind the strands of your tucked hair.
He thinks he doesn’t deserve to come out, honest as he is.

The watery smile that escapes when you sniff unheard,
He looks to sting, but then he loves you just as much as I do.

There is also the one who doesn’t leave, I know not his name.
But I know you don’t like him, me neither. He stays inside
And your lips purse in pain when he forcefully pulls shut your lips.
Well, he will have to do for those who don’t deserve the rest.


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