I did forget you. I dove into a frenzy of things every time a queasy feeling started in the pit of my stomach. Like a nagging kid at a fair, It will start to pull at my throat and I will swallow in vain, Each time harder than before. Book, sleep, music - A distraction. Any distraction.... Continue Reading →

Trapped within myself

Remember the last time you broke my trust? When the last bolt gave and a trapdoor shut? I have since dug a moat and filled it with self-doubt and posted alligators to guard my trap - all my cheese trapped within. The cheese is all I have got, all I have got to share. So,... Continue Reading →


A once white sheet is spread on the floor. It is sweltering outside, the sun rude even on your parting day. A group of women sit, on the sheet, before me. Their faces contorted with forced sadness. Among their gossip, they talk about how extremely kind you were and how soft-spoken. Hell, they don't even... Continue Reading →

Changes nothing

Sounds of an engine. Far away but for sure an engine. She looks up eager, waiting for a bus to go home. Whirring too muted for a crowded bus, she resigns hope but looks anyway. Another disappointment to a disappointing day. The heat wave passes. Summers aren't easy in rural Jharkhand. Definitely not for an... Continue Reading →

Paper bag

A burden a little heavier, A tug a wee bit harder, Simple brown paper bag blameless yet torn She looks up forgiving only to be hugged.

The gears of conflict

Red and rusted was my old bicycle a passed down gift when my sister got bigger wanted till I got it and not much longer Click, click it went every time I rode Clicking away un-bothered on the road. The first clicks were happily ignored glorified even as the music of my freedom Next day... Continue Reading →


I recently read that we are all actors in life I have lately started believing this conspiracy. Don’t we all play characters we think wins love, Acting funny, stupid and mean for an applause? We soliloquize, conscious that our thoughts are seen. Blood and violence sells more, surprise beats normal, And what’s sexier than high-handed... Continue Reading →

Kinds of your smiles

Where do your smiles go when they leave your lips? I think they fly around us, looking for a purpose. The loud carefree laughs look to infect and often succeed They die in my mouth, where all good laughs come to die. I see a grin patiently struggling there with crooked wings Trying to get... Continue Reading →

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